1. oldklein:

    Purple edition - Salsa Beargrease Carbon -90´s is back!

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  2. Holy shit

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  3. skv11000:

    The start of an 80 mile day. #cycling #lookbikes #look585 #mavic #duraace (at Appleton And Alamitos)


  4. wearegoingawol:

    R built the Transcontinental Blasphemy to ride it at the 2014 Rockville where mud comes alive” Rockville is obviously the race You wished You’d knew about but most of us only get to know about it afterwards, with all pictures and films being published.

    Get Jan, 6th 2015 in Your calendars. 

    So, what about the bike. Like all R’s builds, this one takes it those extra few steps, this time away from the original AWOL Transcontinental, thus - The Blasphemy. R broke all the rules. Why not a flatbar? Why not single speed? Why not belt drive? Why not a front rack? Why not winebottles instead of Bidons? Why not extravagant MTB tires on a superlight wheel in a CX race on a touring bike (Tune hubs, carbon rims and Dugast tubulars)Why not all this on a frame which was built for a total different task?

    R’s reply would simply be: Because special events deserve special bike builds. Because AWOL is versatile. Because we can. Kill Your darlings - Break all the rules #goawol

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  5. chris5ive:

    I’m ill, it’s raining, I really hate day time tv so I’ll just stare at my baby all day! #fixedgear #manchester #raincity #01fix1 #manflu #trackbike #lookalp464 #mavic #sram #redhookcrit

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  6. jerryballoch:

    No. 1

    I’m still working through an edit of my Dubai Tour shots. Got this ShittyScan™ back with some of the film I shot. World Champ just letting me know who he is.

  8. cyclocosm:

    John Tomac and Greg Herbold on MTV Sports.

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    #namethatpro #lotto by onthebackfoot http://ift.tt/1kYgwMX
    Vive le Vélo

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