1. cadenced:

    A look at some of the cyclists who haven’t made the cut in this year’s Tour de France. 


  2. wtfkits:

    I blame skip and Cyclebeast for planting these images of Tomac in my head. Now you can blame them as well. Also, blame Canada while you are at it.

  5. thenorsephoto:

    Sorry I’ve been absent. There’s been a lot going on on www.theRadavist.com / from the Tour of California to the Oregon Outback - a 360 trek from the Southern Oregon border to the Northern Oregon border, all on dirt! Here’s a pretty slick Tonic Fab I saw on the road. 

    See more here: http://theradavist.com/2014/05/bikes-faces-oregon-outback/#1


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  6. cheekypeloton:

    Peter Sagan Goes Mountain Biking 

    in which Peter Swagan shows some superioir skills, wheelies and speed

    Boy has skill

  7. aces5050:

    Specialized Stumpjumper (via mtb-news.de)

    Been awhile but this is worth if

  8. 3fix:


    Been a while

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  9. oldklein:

    Purple edition - Salsa Beargrease Carbon -90´s is back!

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  10. Holy shit

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